COVID 19 – Message from DiKa team

In these days of emergency, DiKa embraces the appeal #stayhome. Let’s be responsible for our health, the one of our relatives and those at risk. The entire DiKa team is mobilized during this challenging period in order to meet your needs... 

DiKa Exclusive comes with a bouquet of peonies and magnolias

Be absolutely blooming with the new exclusive dress by DiKa and invite the spring to come! The new dress ofDiKa EXCLUSIVE line is already here and brings a message... 

Spring 2020 will be in coral

Coral is the leading color of DiKa Spring-Summer 2020 collection. This warm and welcoming color makes wearers stand out in a crowd...


Do you know, that according to statistics, clothes are the gift that people offer the most in December...

Discrete sparkle


DiKa's Fall-Winter 2019 collection presents for the first time natural down and feather jackets made with TXdown innovative technology. They are soft and lightweight, providing a high level of cold insulation. The technology combines down and feathers together. Jackets are breathable and after cleaning the distribution of down remains uniform so that the garment keeps warm and protects the body at all points where it is covered. Production is ethical, taking care of the environment through reduced consumption of water, energy and detergents, as well as via recycling down and feathers. The process is traceable, 100% manufactured in the EU (Bulgaria).*


Function-wise, coat should be made of high-quality materials that will keep warm, have a long life and relatively easy maintenance.

autumn gold

Autumn gold: the color of the grapes in the vineyards, of the leaves before sunset, of the hair kissed all summer by the sun. A color gathered so much power and memories in itself. Dress and jacket, complemented by discreet gold buttons and an exquisite belt with rectangular buckle. A combination to welcome the fresh September mornings and the golden hours when the sun is close to the horizon and the light appears warmer and softer.


DIKA presents Autumn-Winter 2019 collection with a street style shooting in Paris